Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) delivers powerful reporting abilities, ad hoc query and analysis, online analytical processing (OLAP), dashboards, and scorecards. It allows users to access and interact with data in a multitude of useful and practical ways.

Our OBIEE course covers everything you need to know to develop a reporting and dashboards system from scratch. The focus then moves to the data and repository layer, teaching you how to create an Oracle BI Repository (RPD file) against transactional and data warehouse databases.

Course Structure:

  • Course introduction
  • Introduction to OBIEE
  • Working with Oracle bi-analyses
  • Filtering data in analyses
  • Selecting and grouping data
  • Adding views to analyses
  • Showing results with pivot tables
  • Working with additional views in analyses
  • Creating and configuring Oracle business intelligence dashboards
  • Creating dashboard prompts and variables


  • Experience in data is helpful, but not essential

What’s included:

  • Training Materials

  • Experienced Trainers