…and we're here to make it easy for companies to do themselves some good by saving time and money - which is always nice!

Each of our six founding members previously worked in project control implementation for one of the UK’s largest utility companies. While we each assumed different roles, we all experienced an arduous journey via a challenging project implementation roadmap.

After the project’s completion, several of us regrouped for a casual dinner. One conversation sparked another, and we decided to create a brand to lessen the pain and increase the gain for organisations looking for leaner project controls. Long story short, P2C was created over pizza.

Since then, we haven’t looked back. We’re constantly working to do something unique in our field: to design a ‘one-size-fits-all’ project controls solution where businesses of any size or industry can immediately achieve measurable results.

Our experience has taught us that the exorbitant cost of implementing project controls is unaffordable for many companies. Moreover, we realised that high cost is mainly due to redundancies and waste that occurs during typical implementation. Our Lean Project Controls Methodology minimises that waste via two elements: infrastructure ownership cost, and system design rework. We offer infrastructure as a service, system design best practices (for processes and reports), and free R&D.

Based on our extensive market research, we can proudly say P2C is the only company in the market to provide an affordable, out of the box project control system.


As a group of highly-knowledgeable and experienced project planning and control specialists, we seek to remove barriers which prevent businesses from reaping the benefits of a sophisticated project control solution.


Our vision is to make project controls affordable to all businesses by offering innovative project control solutions and services.


Our team is committed to our client-focused core values:

Focus: To ensure our clients are our priority
Passion: To help clients grow effective, robust, and adaptable businesses
Innovation: To continually evaluate to ensure our product is the best it can be
Ambition: To not only help clients meet their budget, scope and schedule, but to surpass expectations
Integrity: To build lasting, trusting relationships with clients through transparent communication
Quality: To always deliver value


  • Collective global experience in business intelligence, programming and project control, spanning more than three decades
  • Extensive work history in the public and private sectors
  • Experience managing high value projects (upwards of £1billion)
  • Comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the meticulous standards set by regulatory agencies such as OFGEM
  • Pervasive experience and training ability in Earned Value Management (EVM) software solutions such as Cobra, and in high-performance project management software such as Primavera P6
  • Exhaustive training in Agile methodology, processes and practices
  • Intensive data migration, reporting creation, and performance tuning experience, including change management
  • Memberships with multiple institutes and associations including Member of the Association of Project Management (MAPM), Member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI), and Member of the Project Management Institute (USA)

We are unrelentingly committed to using our extensive global experience for our clients’ benefit. We subscribe to an ethos of continual learning, constantly gaining more knowledge to propel your organisation. From gathering stakeholder requirements and aligning them with business objectives, to creating realistic expectations and working towards an elevated result, your business is our priority.